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ServiceNow System Administration Training

This course is designed for system administrators who are new to the ServiceNow ecosystem. During this 3‑day interactive training course attendees will implement various system administration functions in their own instance, learning to perform fundamental administration and configuration tasks. Specifically, attendees will learn to:

Attendees participate in real world, relevant lab exercises. The class features lecture and group discussions, as well as extensive hands‑on practice, delivered in a wide variety of labs, tech talks and an interactive discussion of a comprehensive, real‑world example.

Quick Facts

Certification: Yes
Duration: 5 days

Cost: Rs. 90000

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Training schedule

Day1: Basic Tool Overview


  • Participants to have admin credentials of a ServiceNow instance
  • Basic Knowledge of ITSM


  • What is ServiceNow?
  • Its key features and benefits
  • ServiceNow applications and modules
  • Roles, Users and Groups
  • Overview of each modules(list and form view)
  • Overview of how different ITSM modules are related in ServiceNow

Core Configuration

  • Configure Navigation, Search and UI Options
  • Manage Lists, Filters, and Forms
  • UI Policies, Data Policies, UI Actions, Business Rules and Client Scripts
  • Use the ServiceNow Mobile Platform
  • Activate Plugins

User Administration

  • Configure User Accounts
  • Add Groups and Assign Users to Groups
  • Assign Roles

Manage Data with tables and CMDB

  • Learn How to Manage Data with Tables
  • Work with the CMDB to add New Configuration Items (CIs)

Manage Data with Import Set and Update Set

  • Work with Import Sets
  • Create and Apply Update Sets


Accustom with the look and feel of ServiceNow like its navigation, different views, homepage, search features etc.

Day2: Admin Training



  • Creation of Tables
  • Field types
  • Sections
  • Modules and Application
  • Roles for a Module

Process Application

  • Work with Knowledge Base
  • Create and Populate Service Catalog Items and Order Guide

Core Application Administration

  • Set up Email Notifications and SMS Alerts
  • Learn about Upgrade Process and Release Cycle
  • Implement Contextual Application Security
  • Record Baseline Performance Statistics

Service Administration

  • Create and Modify Reports
  • Create and Apply SLAs
  • Customize and Brand Your Instance
  • Use Social IT Capabilities


Workout on each of the items.

Day3: Developer Training


Creating a customized application, acquiring knowledge on following:

  • Tables, form layouts, dictionary
  • Update sets
  • Client side scripting {Client scripts, UI policies}
  • Server side scripting {Business rules, script include}
  • UI actions
  • Access Controls

Continuing with the enhancement of the customized Application

  • Data source and transform scripts
  • Scheduled Imports
  • Run after Parent and Run As features
  • Run after Parent and Run As features
  • Email notifications
  • Scheduled jobs
  • Service Catalog Management
  • Workflows activities


Creating catalog items, automating a process and solving the assignments

Day 4: Scripting


Client Side Scripting

  • Client Script
  • UI Policies Basic
  • UI Policy Actions
  • UI policies Scripting
  • UI Script

Server Side Scripting

  • Business Rule
  • Script Include
  • UI Action
  • UI Actions advance
  • Glide-System
  • Setting up Email Notification
  • Scripting in emails.

Day 5: Platform Maintenance


Implementation of Service‐Level Management

  • SLA Definition
  • Monitor SLAs
  • Revise SLAs/OLAs
  • Schedule SLA and Scripting on SLA

Platform Administration

  • Plug‐in Maintenance
  • Exporting Data
  • Migration Using Update Sets (working with One or more update sets)
  • Requesting Clone
  • Practical
- Reviewing and troubleshooting
- Going through the topics of Sys admin
- Covering the mock questions