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Thousands of apps are getting launched every single day, but how many of them manage to break the base barrier of 1 million? The answer is not many.
But both startups and established brands are spending top dollars to claim a share of the pie. But to most of them 1 million barrier remains a Holy Grail even after 2-3 years from its launch.

One basic thing that we all forget is that even the most widely used apps like Facebook or Twitter do not have 100% acceptance rate among smart phone users.
You may have just built a great app that can help millions, but there will still be millions who will not find your app useful. That is reality, and you need to accept that. But the good news is, the market is ever increasing and big enough to claim your share of the pie and succeed.

After rigorous research and analysis we have managed to derive an algorithm that helps us get an in depth understanding of the approach and pathway that makes a successful app successful.

Some of the parameters are out of our control. If your app is not good enough, it will never survive in the long run even if you manage to create an initial buzz/hype with marketing gimmicks.

  1. So the first step is to create a good app that you are convinced of and would yourself use
  2. Make the app visible to the users who have already shown interest in the similar apps or may find the app useful.
  3. Convince them to install your app.

We at Brandoitte will use our own User Filtering Algo (UFA) to first create a list of users that are highly likely to install your app and then make your app visible to them. The whole profiling process is spontaneous thus each install is genuine. And we can do it in both small and large scale based on the potential reach of the app.

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