Building a Brand?

Brands have always mattered, and it matters more so in today’s world. The reasons are very simple; first of all, there is a proliferation of choices in terms of brands in almost every category in the market that we can think of. As the economy expands and becomes more global, whether shoes, or apparel or food products, there is a plethora of choices that you choose from, in terms of settling on a brand
When you engage with any sort of digital content, there is a digital clutter, where a lot of brands are trying to talk to you, so the way to step above all of this noise is to be a distinctive brand. And when you are a distinctive brand, it makes it easy for the consumer to pick the brand, because they know it is accompanied by a certain level of quality, reputation and a certain amount of trust.
Building a brand is a process, a process to build a lifelong relationship with the target audience. This is what we call “Brand relationship arc”.

It starts with first awareness of the brand, when your customer first says, “I know this brand exists”. From that point, once they use the product or service, the relationship may change from just awareness to some sort of affinity, where they say, “I care about this brand, it represents me”. It’s when it gets to the “represents me”, that the audience gets willing to even feature the brand on their body. That’s when the Starbuck’s t-shirt, the Nike cap comes out. And in some cases, like Harley Davidson, the customer is even willing to tattoo the logo on their body! They think that reflects their personality and they defend that brand spontaneously. The higher you move up on the arc the bigger the pool gets of defenders of the brand.

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