User behavior and the way consumers engage with brands and make purchase decisions has been transformed by the combined impact of mobile, connected and wearable devices with digital and social media.

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Brandoitte is a rapidly growing technology services company that is

Disrupting the IT services eco system with it's agile, mobile and "small is big" approach

Mobile, Data Science, Analytics, eCommerce and everything that you consider tech.

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End to end solution to help you achieve your business goals. Bespoke, scalable and backed by customer obsession, our technology solutions sync seamlessly with your business flow and catalyzes growth.


Stories fascinate us. And a good story of origin can play a key role to the success of your brand because of the power it has to build connections. Powerful connections with your customer base bring loyalty and trust, probably the two most important assets every business entity longs for. These are the assets that no money can buy, but you need them the most if you are looking to build a brand legacy.


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Within our own four walls, we’ve created an environment that positively cultivates free-thinking, which results in nothing short of outstanding work.

INDIA - DN-51, Merlin Infinite, Sector V, Salt Lake City, Kolkata-700091

UK.- Woodfield, Clinch Street, Rochester, Kent, ME3 8SP